Stories and songs from the eventful, and all to often hilarious, experience of auditioning for musical theatre.

Audition Diaries is Refuge Theatre Project's signature cabaret night, held on the third Thursday of every other  month at Silvie's Lounge. The stories are funny, the singers are wailin' and the beer is cheap. 

$10 Pre-Sale Drink Special - ticket & beer

$8 Pre-Sale - ticket

$10 At the Door - ticket




About the Cabaret Series

Refuge started this cabaret series because we know all too well that being actor can be difficult and filled with rejection.  We wanted to create an event in which actors could tell a funny or amusing audition or callback experience they were apart of but didn't get cast in for whatever reason.

It is never about bashing the companies that didn't hire us but an opportunity for us to gather together and simply share stories about auditioning. It's also a place to laugh and let off steam.

Please use the below form to submit your video audition

Your video should be no more than five minutes long and include:

1. A short introduction (your name, how long you've been in the city, why you're here/why you love the Chicago theatre community).

2. A short story (choose a past theme and tell us an audition story that relates to the theme).

3. A short song (sing all or part of a song that relates to your story and chosen theme). 

Past themes include: 
Shit I Did First, Shit You've Never Heard Of, Shit Divas Sing, Gender Bend, Shit I Shouldn't Get Cast In, Understudies and Swings, Shit That's Overdone, The Guys Lament 

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