In the arts, there is always room to learn and grow which is why we named ourselves Refuge Theatre Project. We are devoted to bringing this gift to our community through educational programs for all ages.


Move Like No One's Looking, Taught by Jon Martinez, you will be able to ask any and all questions, experience a professional dance call in a safe and open environment, and work with a Chicago director and choreographer. This workshop isn't about learning how to dance; here you will learn the skills needed to not only survive a dance call but own it. You will learn what choreographers and directors are looking for while Jon gives you the "dvd commentary" on the mock audition.

Once More, With Feeling: A Vocal Technique Master Class connects performers in Chicago with vocal coaches specializing in various theories of vocal performance. The most recent class was taught by Rachel Page (Estill certified vocal coach) at Theatre Momentum. Rachel pushed three Chicago performers to new heights with her innovative view on the vocal placement in the body. 

Put That in Your Book: A Peer Focused Audition Workshop is a practical musical theatre audition preparatory workshop. We had a number of professionals show up and belt their brains out. The class was moderated by Jim Beaudry (artistic director Timber Lake Playhouse) and accompanied by Ellen Morris (Northwestern Graduate and Chicago Music Director). Jim led discussion on selection, technique, and overall presentation with observers whose feedback was encouraged for positive and productive results.

Thinking about getting a vocal coach?:

The Rachel Page Vocal Studio

Rachel Page is an established vocal instructor and accompanist.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Carthage College with a degree in Musical Theatre.  She also has two vocal certifications (currently a Certified Master Teacher) from Estill Voice International, where she personally studied with both the president and vice president of the organization.  Rachel has taught all over the county, which includes working with performers on cruise ships and at both North Park University and Carthage College.